São João Festivities: meet the neighbourhoods with the best spirit of celebration in Porto

16 de June, 2023

The celebration of São João is one of the biggest parties in Portugal that fills the city of Porto with colour and allure, especially in the most typical neighbourhoods.

Apart from the food and drink in the typical concerts of this most anticipated festival in Porto, the São João celebrations have a very traditional custom: the revellers use a plastic hammer to hit on the head those who pass through the narrow streets of the traditional neighbourhoods. The night is complete with fireworks and promises a lively party until dawn.

We at Olivia Singular Houses, help you to get to know the most typical neighbourhoods of Porto so that you can make the most of the São João festival.


Of medieval origin, Miragaia neighbourhood is known for its cobbled streets with picturesque houses and small restaurants serving typical Portuguese dishes. In the higher areas there is a view of the Douro River, which makes it one of the most beautiful areas and with guaranteed entertainment on the night of São João celebration.


Situated in the parish of Bonfim, Fontainhas is situated on the slope of the Douro River, next to the Infante Bridge. It is one of the most emblematic points in the festivities of São João, for being one of the oldest and most typical areas of the city.


The Ribeira area is the ideal place to watch, not only the festivities, food and drinks, but also the fireworks that will have a privileged view by the river. If you are staying at the Exmo. Hotel or at 1872 River House know that you are one step away from all the parties in the Ribeira area.


This area is very lively during the festivities because it is close to places that have much of Porto’s soul. From the University of Porto, to the Bom Sucesso Market, or the Crystal Palace Gardens, overlooking the Douro River. There will be no shortage of revelry around here.

The Olivia Singular Houses Boutique Guesthouse group are located in the city centre of Porto and are one of the best hotels in Oporto to guarantee that you are just a few steps away from the party on this memorable night.

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Check out the event’s agenda here.

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