Family and Friends by Olivia: the new fare to explore your horizons

26 de June, 2024

Do you share our love of travel? Then we have incredible news for you! At Olivia Singular Houses, we want to celebrate our passion for travel through the exclusive “Oliviafriends” rate. Explore a new destination, visit your loved ones or rediscover a city you haven’t visited in a while… Our 30% discounted fare gives you even more reasons to travel.

Advantages of the “Oliviafriends” Fare

  • 30% discount: The discount is applied to the best non-refundable rate online.
  • Breakfast included: Get your day off to the best possible start.

Rate conditions

  • Exclusive Online Booking: The “Oliviafriends” rate is only available through our Olivia Singular Houses website.
  • Subject to Availability: Make sure you book early to guarantee your stay.
  • Special Conditions: All reservations made with this rate are non-refundable.
  • City Taxes Not Included: If applicable, city taxes will be charged separately.
  • Price Guaranteed at Time of Booking: The price is guaranteed only on the date of booking.

Why travel with Olivia Singular Houses?

At Olivia Singular Houses, we believe that every trip should be unique and unforgettable. Our boutique hotel, Exmo. Hotel by Olivia and guesthouses, Marquês Garden House by Olivia and 1872 River House by Olivia, are carefully selected to offer comfort and an authentic experience in each destination. Whether you are exploring a city for the first time or returning to a beloved place, we guarantee that your stay will be special.

Don’t miss this opportunity to visit us again or to come and see a different unit. Visit our website, book with the “Oliviafriends” rate and start planning your next adventure today!

Join us and share our love of travel. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our unique homes.

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