Watch the Euro 2024 matches at the Exmo. Hotel by Olivia

7 de June, 2024

From June 14 to July 14, you can watch the Euro 2024 matches at the Exmo. Bar, in the hotel’s bar, namely in the Gallery area.

With an 85” television, Floor -1 will broadcast all the matches from the competition.

To accompany these match days and the goal celebrations of your favorite team, there is a Menu with beer, wine or toasts and cheese and sausage boards.

The bar, located next to the Ribeirinha area, is part of the Exmo. Hotel by Olivia building and dates back to the 14th century, exuding history and modernity.

Despite all the building’s history, the recent renovation of the structure has an air of lightness and sophistication. With its simple and elegant decor, the bar is very spacious, and its industrial features stand out.

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