Traveling with elegance: The best charming hotels in Porto

7 de August, 2023

At Olivia Singular Houses we invite you to immerse yourself in the elegance and charm of Porto, Portugal’s charming riverside city. Discover what it’s like to get to know one of Portugal’s most beautiful cities with an eye of refinement and personalized services. We’ll reveal the best of what our boutique hotels in Porto have to offer and add to your magical stay. Whether you’re a discerning traveler looking for a unique experience, a connoisseur of exquisite art and architecture or you’re visiting Porto for the first time, these sites are sure to win your heart. From the moment you enter these establishments where every detail has been carefully thought out by us, you will encounter a blend of historic architecture and contemporary design, creating an environment that is both sophisticated, yet inviting and cozy. In each boutique hotel you will find a personality on its own, offering an escape from the ordinary, and allowing you to embrace the true essence of Porto. Get ready to embark on a journey where you will be able to experience the true soul of Porto, the local cuisine and unparalleled warm hospitality.

What to expect from our boutique hotels and guesthouses

Our Olivia Singular Houses are unique units that offer an accommodation experience characterized by an intimate atmosphere, carefully planned design and attention to details. The few rooms in each of the houses allow for an exclusive service for each guest. It is the perfect combination of a guesthouse welcome with five-star hotel service.

It is the perfect combination of a guesthouse welcome with five-star hotel service.

Porto is a city that oozes charm and authenticity and by choosing one of our units you will have the opportunity to experience the true essence of the capital of Northern Portugal. Olívia Singular Houses are located in the heart of the city and occupy restored historic buildings, which means you can enjoy all the tradition and history during your stay, immersing yourself in the local culture. We offer more than just accommodation, but rather an experience of what Porto and the North of the wonderful country that is Portugal is all about through our curation.

The best boutique hotels in Porto

Exmo. Hotel by Olivia: luxury in the heart of Porto

The Exmo. Hotel by Olivia is a luxury experience in the heart of Porto. Located in the emblematic Ribeira area and occupying a building dating back to the 14th century, this boutique hotel perfectly combines elements of classical architecture and medieval touches with a contemporary and refined design. The elegantly decorated rooms offer maximum comfort, with stunning views of the city. Guests can enjoy a sublime dining experience in the hotel’s surrounding restaurants, which combine fresh local ingredients with traditional culinary techniques. At the hotel bar, you can not only enjoy a varied and delicious breakfast, but also savor a refreshing drink before or after a walk. In addition, the Exmo. Hotel by Olivia offers a unique service, ensuring that each guest feels special and indulged throughout their stay.

Marquês Garden House by Olivia: an oasis in the heart of the city

Marquês Garden House by Olivia is a stylish hideaway in the heart of the city center, but away from prying eyes and noise. It is perfect for those looking for a modern boutique guesthouse experience. Located in Praça do Marquês, this space offers stunning views of a secret garden and a magnanimous pool that allow you to rest before or after exploring the wonders of Porto. The rooms are large and elegantly decorated, with noble furniture and finishes that create a luxurious atmosphere. Guests can also enjoy exquisite communal settings, with the original architecture of a superb early 20th-century mansion and rich wooden details and Portuguese tiles embellishing every corner. The friendly and attentive staff at Marquês Garden House by Olivia is always ready to cater to guests’ needs and ensure that their stay is truly unforgettable.

River House by Olivia: a balcony over the Douro River

In a building built on the first line of the city that borders the Douro River, is the 1872 River House by Olivia. A treasure in the historic center of the city and culminating centuries of history, this house invites to surprise all who enter and know it inside. The 1872 River House has been carefully restored to preserve its original authenticity and charm. Here, on this balcony over the Douro River, guests can enjoy unobstructed views of the river and the Luís I Bridge, as well as enjoy the unique experience of being in a legitimate Ribeira house and enjoy all its tranquility. The only eight rooms are elegant and comfortable, with original details preserved from the old building, such as secular stone walls, combined with modern design and features. The ancient mosaics also reflect Porto’s culture and heritage. Another strong point of 1872 River House is the breakfast delicately prepared every morning with fresh and local products by our team, always very willing to serve.

Factors to consider when choosing a boutique hotel

When choosing between one of the boutique hotels and guesthouses in Porto, there are several factors to consider to ensure you make the right choice for your needs and preferences. We advise you to take into consideration the location of the unit, its amenities and services offered, as well as what brings you to Porto and how you like to explore a city as vibrant as this.

Olivia Singular Houses offer an exceptional accommodation experience, where every detail is carefully planned to provide comfort, luxury and personalization. If you are looking for a unique and intimate experience, different from what a big hotel chain can provide, our boutique hotels and guesthouses are the perfect choice. With their combination of elegant design, personalized service and attention to detail, we seek to reflect the soul and authenticity of Porto.

Are you ready to revel in elegance while staying at one of the best boutique hotels in Porto?

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