Olivia Singular Houses presents its boutique hotels and guest houses

12 de July, 2023

Olivia Singular Houses presented itself at its brand celebration event in Exmo. Hotel by Olivia. The hotel units are the latest project by Lince Capital, an independent venture capital company.

“The investment in the boutique hotels and guesthouses sector represents a bet by Lince Capital in one of the most relevant economic activities in Portugal and in a fragmented segment with great potential for creating value through the professionalization of guest service.”, explains Vasco Pereira Coutinho, CEO of Lince Capital, whose initial investment made so far exceeds €16M.

Located in the heart of the city of Porto, the group of typically Portuguese boutique hotels and guesthouses is made up of the Exmo. Hotel and charming guesthouses 1872 River House and Marquês Garden House. Each of the three units stands out for its identity, combining modernism with history as well as sophistication with tradition, thus entering the Porto accommodation market. However, the highlight is the personalized service and the warm and friendly reception provided by the team.

“From the beginning, we were very aware of the positioning we wanted for the Olivia Singular Houses group. Our objective was to develop units in Porto that, although not traditional hotels, due to the more welcoming environment, stood out for their detail and hospitality. This way we are able to offer a unique experience with a Porto soul to national and foreign tourists who visit our city for leisure or business reasons”, says Rodrigo Duarte, representative of Olivia Singular Houses.

This set of particularities resulted, for example, in the Exmo. Hotel by Olivia, in the Ribeira area, chosen by Condé Nast Traveler as the best hotel with original details in the city of Porto. Each of the units has a unique style and architectural features, as well as a distinct service that aims to adapt to guests’ desires and expectations.

“Our team’s smiles and willingness to welcome are what best reflects the welcoming Portuguese spirit. Our idea is to ensure that guests have a legitimate experience in our houses with a Portuguese soul and can experience the north of Portugal with Olivia’s local curation.”, explains Elisa d’Almeida Mota, Sales & Marketing Manager.

An example that reflects this exclusive attention to customers is the most recent achievement of Trip Advisor’s Traveler’s Choice 2023 award. The site rewards hotel units that consistently receive excellent reviews from travelers in the last 12 months, boosting Olivia Singular Houses to be in the Top 10% of the best hotels around the world.

“We are very optimistic about the investment made in these unique homes. We started the business with the four units about a year ago and, so far, we have been rewarded with great occupations and differentiating prizes in the market that are aimed at our homes, but which also put the city of Porto on the radar of tourist destinations. A future expansion of the group is even on the table”, adds Vasco Pereira Coutinho.

We were highlighted in the Portuguese press with news in MAGG, MUST, Publituris, Turisver, Forbes, Jornal de Negócios, Panrotas and many other national and international media.

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