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20 de November, 2023

Welcome to Porto, Portugal! A city known for its rich history, charming streets and picturesque views. While popular attractions such as the River Douro and historic landmarks such as Lello Library and Clérigos Tower speak for themselves and attract visitors from all over the world, there are also beautiful places to visit that are more off the beaten track. We’re going to uncover these most secret and unknown places in Porto, giving you a unique and authentic experience, curated by Olivia Singular Houses.

5 secret places and attractions Porto, Portugal

Our city is rich in history and architectural wonders, built over centuries. That’s why we at Olivia Singular Houses has put together a list of “Porto Portugal Must See”.

Venture off the beaten track to discover hidden historical sites and landmarks that showcase the city’s fascinating past. The list of secret spots we recommend are:

1. Casa Museu Fernando de Castro

The House Museum is dedicated to the life and work of Fernando de Castro, (1888-1946), dealer, poet, caricaturist and above all collector. This was the peculiar residence of the renowned Portuguese artist and collector and contains various paintings from the 17th to the 20th century, sculptures and ceramics. It is a real hidden treasure for art lovers.

2. Porto Military Museum and its PIDE torture chambers ​

For those who want to know more about Portugal’s modern history, this bourgeois building from the late 19th century has a lot to discover. This building was once the residence of D. Maria de Coimbra, and during the Spanish Civil War it became the home of Spanish nuns and later passed into the hands of the Portuguese state. During the dictatorship in which Portugal lived between 1926 and 1974, it was used as a facility for the Estado Novo political police (PIDE), used for interrogations, imprisonment and torture. This building offers an experience in immersing yourself in Portugal’s history. The torture chambers have been preserved as a memorial to remember the darkest times in Portuguese history.

3. Casa da Música

In addition to Casa da Música being an architectural icon in the heart of Porto, it is a spectacular concert hall that presents a diverse program of live music by Portuguese and world artists. As well as attending a concert, you can also take a guided tour of Casa da Música to discover more about its unique architecture by Portuguese architect Siza Vieira, and the history of music in Porto.

4. Porto 360 – Super Bock Arena

If you’re a fan of an incredible panoramic view of the city away from the crowds, this is the place for you. Located at the top of the Super Bock Arena, formerly the Rosa Mota Pavilion, Porto 360 offers a breathtaking 360 degree view of Porto Portugal.

5. Degustação de vinhos do Porto Symington Family Estates

For wine lovers who don’t want to stray far from the heart of the city or want a Porto Portugal Wine Tours experience, a visit to the Symington Family Estates winery is a must. This renowned producer of Port and Douro wines offers guided tastings by its experts, where you can sample some of the region’s best wines while learning about wine production and culture, away from the busier cellars by the river. On the other hand, it offers a beautiful view of the river from above.

Each of these secret spots in Porto guarantees an authentic and memorable experience of the city, away from the crowds and well-known tourist attractions.

Porto, Portugal: Best Hotel and Guesthouses

To complete the experience we recommend the best accommodation with an excellent location, just a few minutes from Porto’s most important landmarks.

For a complete and luxurious experience, we invite you to stay in our Olivia Singular Houses. As unique units in preserved historic buildings, they offer an accommodation experience characterized by an intimate atmosphere, carefully planned design and attention to detail. The few rooms in each of the houses allow for an exclusive service for each guest. It’s the perfect combination of guesthouse hospitality and luxury hotel service that oozes charm and authenticity. Whether it’s the Exmo. Hotel by Olivia, the Marquês Garden House by Olivia or the 1872 River House by Olivia.

We look forward to seeing you!

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4050-080, Porto

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Praça do Marquês de Pombal 70/78
4000-390, Porto

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